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The Parlour Cocktail Bar

I developed a Brand Identity, menu and simple website for Manchester Cocktail bar The Parlour. The client is a premium establishment and wanted to reflect their luxury offering, as well as their party packs to the 18 - 30 crowd.


Brand Identity, UX


The Parlour




The logo was developed around the design of a signature window above the door of the building, simplfying the shape to make an elegant and recognisable mark.

I used neutral browns and golds to develop a palette that suggests luxury and paired it with rich and colourful photography, to reflect the luxurious yet youthful market we hope to entice.


Menu Design & Website

It was important to the client that the drink List produced was elegant and sturdy as it will inevitably endure wear and tear. I opted for a hard leather in a rich brown shade, with the logo embossed.

I developed the menu inside to be simple and bold, making use of gold typography and the bold brand imagery. This same layout applied to the simple Website produced alongside the other collateral.

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